Fans deserve to finally get a Star Trek: Enterprise movie


With Trek back on television in a big way, it’s time for Star Trek: Enterprise fans to get the finale they always deserved but never got.

Ask most fans what they remember most about the short-lived Star Trek: Enterprise and they will usually tell you “Not much.”

Which is a real shame. No, Star Trek: Enterprise didn’t get off to the best of starts, with the incredibly bad theme song or the fact Star Trek was missing from the title for the first two seasons. But the third and fourth seasons of the show were much improved and included some really great storytelling and a peek into the history of the Star Trek Universe.

Despite that, it doesn’t stop many fans from blaming Enterprise for the end of 18 consecutive years of Star Trek on television. However, whether you loved at hated the show, everyone can agree that it didn’t deserve the awful series finale that it received.

Of course we’re talking about “These Are the Voyages…” which focused more on Riker and Troi from The Next Generation than bringing the story of Captain Archer and the crew of the first Enterprise to a satisfying conclusion. The episode regularly lands at the top of 10 worst Star Trek episodes lists and has long been considered a slap in the face to Enterprise fans.

And for years those Enterprise fans, few though they are, have had to live with it.

Now there may be a way to fix it, thanks to Star Trek: Discovery.

With the success of Discovery on CBS All Access, it has opened the door to all kinds of new Star Trek projects, including Patrick Stewart in Star Trek: Picard and a new animated series as well as a second season of Discovery.

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Could those new projects also include a Star Trek: Enterprise movie?

It might be a long shot, but why not? You can be sure most of the cast would love nothing more than to be able to give Enterprise the closure it always deserved. Sure, 13 years is a long time since the final episode but it’s been over 20 since we last saw Jean-Luc Picard and fans seem genuinely excited about his return.

No, Enterprise never had the fan following of The Next Generation, which is why in this case a movie would be perfect. A two-hour send off to a crew and ship that never had a chance to really say goodbye. Hell, they could even figure out some way to bring “Trip” Tucker back from the dead. Everyone pretty much agreed it was a dumb idea to kill him off anyway.

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With Star Trek now streaming on CBS All Access, it opens the possibility of projects like this that might never be able to get made otherwise. Niche movies that would never work even on broadcast television.

Think about it CBS. You owe it to Enterprise fans to make this right.