Top 8 Star Trek news stories of 2018 reviewed and updated

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With the year coming to a close we take a look back at how 2018 forever changed the landscape of Star Trek. We’ll look at news items that lead to bigger things, the questions that remain and those we lost.

Overall 2018 was a pretty big one for Star Trek, we saw the culmination of the first Star Trek series to be launched since 2005’s Star Trek: Enterprise, a number of behind the scenes changes, some new faces, returning characters several more new series announced and one new series launched.

We thought it would be fun to recount the top news items from the year, give updates you may have missed, and even jump into a few stories we missed along the way. We’ll also talk about where some rumours went, and about the members of the Star Trek family who left us.

Let’s Start with a fun piece of Scientific news from September 2018, a story we missed out on…