Top 6 ways the Star Trek franchise can move forward

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LOS ANGELES – APRIL 28: Dwight Schultz as Lt. Reg Barkley in the holodeck in the STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION episode, ‘Hollow Pursuits.’ Original air date, April 28, 1990. Season 3, episode 21. Image is a screen grab. (CBS via Getty Images)

Different Settings

In our continuing series The Search For Story we look regularly at what a series with a different setting might look like, we’ve gone from comedy, to spy thriller to drama to action and from Earth to space to distant worlds. Deep Space Nine and Voyager  would also fall into this category, with one being set on an almost Wild West space station, and the other in an uncharted part of the galaxy.

If done right this could certainly work as a popular series, perhaps with the first station, colony, or ship deliberately stationed in the Gamma or Delta quadrants. No doubt both have been severely changed as a result of the events of the Dominion War and Voyagers trek through.

Alternately there has been talk for years about doing a series set at Starfleet Academy, it was even for a time considered for yet another prequel series with a class featuring a young  James T. Kirk, Doctor Leonard McCoy and Commander Spock, of course this plot would eventually go on to be used as the first act of Star Trek 2009, but the premise its self is still sound in any century. (Just please, no more Red Squad!)