The Top 20 most impactful deaths in Star Trek history

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Copyright Paramount / CBS Jeffrey Coombs as Weyoun Star Trek DS9

20. Weyoun

You might ask how the death of a character who literally dies several times a season can be impactful?

We saw Weyoun die no less than four times during his time on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, as a key leader inside of the dominion several of his deaths left an impact on the series.

The death of Weyoun 4 showed us that the Jem’Hadar had a code, made them far more rounded characters overall. The Death of Weyoun 5, while not shown on-screen would eventually cast Damar in a more positive light.

Had Weyoun 6 lived longer he may have shortened the war and saved millions of lives, unfortunately he tragically took his own life to save Odo from Weyoun 7, who himself would later be killed by Worf while Worf and Jadzia Dax were in custody.

The last incarnation, Weyoun 8 would be killed by Garak during the assault on Cardassia Prime.

Amazing the impact one easily replaceable man can have on a series.