The Top 20 most impactful deaths in Star Trek history

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Copyright Paramount Spock – Star Trek II The Wrath of Khan

01 . Captain Spock

Who can forget this shocking, and touching moment?  I mean it’s Spock after all, Kirk is going to save him right? Just beam him out of there, McCoy can fix him….?

McCoy did save him, In fact he already kind of was saving him at the time, thanks to a well-timed mind meld. But most moviegoers missed the mind meld and left the theatres in tears, some sent death threats to the Director and studio. Add to that the rumours at the time were that this would be the last Star Trek Movie.

Kirk may have been the hero, McCoy May have been the conscience, but Spock was the icon.

Looking back with 20/20 hindsight the series looks almost planned, but at the time it wasn’t as clear cut, the death of Spock signalled the end of the franchise.

Of course he would return in Star Trek III: The Search For Spock, only to die again in an alternate reality version of the past after providing information to save his crew from the same madman who had taken his life all those years earlier.

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Spock the character’s death had a massive impact on his crewmates and two timelines, and Spock the icons death had a massive impact on us fans, making his the most impactful death in Star Trek History.