The Top 20 most impactful deaths in Star Trek history

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18. Chancellor Gowron

Another foreign leader killed, but this time at the hands of a Starfleet officer.

We began our journey through the life of Chancellor Gowron during Star Trek: The Next Generation when Captain Picard would have a hand in choosing him as the leader of the Klingon Empire, and later to win the resulting Klingon Civil War.

Gowron was a pretty good leader most of the time, however it seemed at times that the writers of his second series as a recurring character, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine often didn’t know how to use him properly, a complaint actor Robert O’Reilly has made publicly in the past.

Gowron was eventually painted as a leader out of his element, perhaps even so far out of his element that he may have been replaced by a. changing looking to destabilize the empire. It would later be proven that he was not a changing, but he would go on to try to undermine the house of Martok and have a detrimental effect on the Dominion War.  As a result Gowron was killed during a leadership challenge by Worf, and the title of Chancellor of the Klingon empire was passed on to Martok.

With Gowron dead the Klingons were a better fighting force, no longer retreating they took the fight to the enemy, who knows what may have happened had it not been for the death of Chancellor Gowron.