Who is Captain Christopher Pike? This new video gives some insight


A late change to Star Trek in 1965 replaced Jeffrey Hunter’s Captain Christopher Pike with William Shatner’s Captain James T. Kirk leaving us all with the question, exactly who was Captain Pike?

Now some 53 years after Captain Kirk came into our lives we’re finally getting the answer through Anson Mount’s take on the character in season 2 of Star Trek: Discovery, and he’s got His own take on who Captain Pike should be.

In the latest video released by CBS All-Access we get some insight into the characters history as well as how Anson Mount is approaching the role, filling in the characters back story and putting his own style into his command.  Check out Becoming Pike below.

It’s promising to see the approach he’s taking, he speaks with a real reverence and respect for the Star Trek franchise and characters and his approach to the character of Captain Pike looks to be quite unique to any Captain we’ve seen so far.

With the crew still reeling from not only the loss of Captain Lorca but also the subsequent revelations about his true origins and motivations it would be easy to understand their being mistrustful of any new commanding officer. But add in having the captain of another ship appear unannounced and unexpectedly to assume command of their ship to lead them into a mission which may, and likely will, prove extremely dangerous this version of Captain Pike, a leader not afraid to admit his own vulnerabilities and seemingly with a strong will to set them at ease may be exactly what they need.

Only time will tell how they will react to Captain Pike and the eventual meeting of his science officer, and Michael Burnham’s foster-brother Spock on the upcoming mission, but from the looks of this video Captain Pike is the type to put his people first, and focus on helping his crew to be the best versions of themselves.

"After answering a distress signal from the U.S.S. Enterprise, Season 2 of Star Trek: Discovery finds the crew of the U.S.S. Discovery joining forces with Captain Christopher Pike on a new mission to investigate seven mysterious red signals and the appearance of an unknown being called the Red Angel. While the crew must work together to unravel their meaning and origin, Michael Burnham is forced to face her past with the return of her estranged brother, Spock."

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Star Trek: Discovery returns for it’s extended 14 episode second season on CBS All-Access in the United States, Space in Canada, and Netflix in the UK as well as many other parts of the world on January 17, 2019.