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Star Trek Generations

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Star Trek: Generations (1994)

Production Budget: $38,000,000
Worldwide Box office: $120,000,000
Total Profit: $82,000,000
Return on Investment: 215.8%

By the early 90’s it had become a bit of a tradition for my siblings and I to make the long walk to the old one screen theatre in our small hometown to watch a movie nearly every weekend, while I couldn’t tell you what movie we saw that July day in 1994 with any confidence, I’ll never forget my excitement  when one of the trailers was for Star Trek: Generations, I had no idea another Star Trek movie was coming, but as it happened that particular day was my birthday and what better gift then another Star Trek movie being announced to me on that day. I knew where I’d be November 18, 1994.

With a 215.8% ROI I certainly wasn’t alone in my excitement, and I remember thinking as we exited the theatre from the very first show that November night that it was the longest line to get in to a theatre I had ever seen, and it would remain the longest line I had ever seen until 1997’s Goldeneye, we had to get a cab to the small multiscreen theatre for that one, but that’s a whole different story.

Rick Berman and company had secured a two movie deal for the Next Generation crew, and had received the studio’s blessing to have the cast of the original series to make cameo appearances as a way to pass the torch off to the new guys, something several of The Original Series crew had done during the seven season run of TNG. Unfortunately Leonard Nimoy was uninterested, and Deforest Kelly was unable to get insurance to appear due to his poor health at the time.

Overall it was a strong entry, the characters show growth, particularly Data with the addition of his new emotion chip and the fans responded well voting with their wallets and making Star Trek: Generations number seven on this list.