Preview: Star Trek vs. Transformers No. 4


Thanks to IDW Publishing, we are proud to present for you a seven page preview of this week’s grand finale of Star Trek vs. Transformers.

Since their beginnings, the Transformers have long been associated with a number of different media. What started out as a really cool toy line has (excuse the pun) transformed into a multi-media empire all built on robots that can turn into cars and vice versa.

What an awesome world we live in.

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Despite the fact there have been live-action movies, comics, video games and more, what most fans remember most fondly is the original cartoon that aired in the 1980s. When most people think of the Transformers, they hear Peter Cullen as Optimus Prime, Frank Welker as Megatron and see those really cool cassettes coming out of Soundwave to do battle with the Autobots.

So when IDW announced they were going to have the Robots in Disguise meet the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise, the fact they decided on the classic animated version no doubt made many a fan very happy.

This week the four-issue miniseries wraps up and sees the uneasy alliance of Captain Kirk and Optimus Prime try to stop the threat of the Klingon-Decepticon coalition from spreading across the galaxy. Saturday morning cartoons were never this good.

Star Trek vs. Transformers No. 4 is written by longtime Transformers scribes John Barber and Mike Johnson with artwork and a cover by Philip Murphy, who may have drawn one of the best looking Star Trek series IDW has ever published.

From the IDW solicitation:

"With the Enterprise disabled by the Klingon-Decepticon alliance, things look dire for Spock, Optimus Prime, and the landing team. But with the Autobots’ help, can Captain Kirk come up with a solution to save the day from a massive Cybertronian threat?"

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Star Trek vs. Transformers No. 4, the final issue, arrives in comic shops and digital devices on January 16 and includes variant covers by Murphy and Gavin Fullerton.