IDW announces Star Trek: Year Five comic book series


IDW Publishing has announced a new Star Trek: Year Five event series that will chronicle the final year of the Enterprise’s original mission.

What happened during the final two years of the original five-year mission of Captain James Kirk and the U.S.S. Enterprise?

It is a question that has bothered Trek fans for decades. Some answers were found in Star Trek: The Animated Series, which has always been considered the unofficial fourth season of Star Trek. Other stories of those final two years have been told in both comics and novels. However, one time period has never been touched upon, namely the final year of the five-year mission.

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Until now.

IDW Publishing has announced a new series titled Star Trek: Year Five which will finally tell the story of that last year, something which has never been done. Revealed exclusively by The Hollywood Reporter, Star Trek: Year Five will not only show the adventures of that final year, but also the ship’s return to Earth and how the crew dealt with the uncertain future of life after Enterprise.

The series will have rotating creative teams but will be guided by a writer’s room including Brandon Easton, Jodi Houser, Jim McCann, Collin Kelly and Jackson Lanzing. Kelly and Lanzing will be writing the opening arc of Star Trek: Year Five which will be illustrated by Stephen Thompson.

Cover to Star Trek: Year Five No. 1 by Greg Hildebrandt (Image: IDW)

Asked what readers can expect in the new series, Lanzing said it will include something for just about everyone.

"“A vital, hard-hitting, character-focused look at Captain Kirk on his last year in command. It will have huge ripple effects, from the outbreak of war in the Alpha Quadrant to an unprecedented strain of trust with Spock. We’ll turn a mirror on modern society, just as [the original television series] did in the 1960s, and go boldly towards meaningful, heartfelt stories.”"

As an added bonus, the first issue will be graced by a cover by none other than legendary illustrator Greg Hildebrandt, working on the franchise for the first time.

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At this time, it’s unknown if Star Trek: Year Five is an ongoing or a miniseries, but the writers have indicated that the story definitely has a beginning, middle and end. So it’s safe to say fans can expect to be enjoying Year Five for quite a while.

Star Trek: Year Five arrives in comic shops and on digital devices in April.