10 ways Kelvin Star Trek is better than Prime, and 5 ways it’s Worse

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HOLLYWOOD, CA – MAY 14: Actor Chris Pine poses with fans as he arrives at the Premiere of Paramount Pictures’ “Star Trek Into Darkness” at Dolby Theatre on May 14, 2013 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images for Paramount Pictures)

07: Better: New Audience

As much as the new timeline has caused outrage among some of its detractors there can be absolutely no doubt, and no argument that the new movies have lead a new and much larger audience to the Star Trek franchise than ever before. The trilogy earned larger numbers at the box office then any other movies in the franchises history, even adjusted for price inflation Star Trek (2009) sits atop the franchise as the record holder.

Although large numbers don’t make for assured success, with ever increasing production budgets also being the norm these days, as we discussed when we officially ranked all 13 Star Trek movies based on their return on Investment a little while back, they do show us that the audience has dramatically increased.

An increased audience means more interest from investors, which means more possibilities for more Star Trek, and while Kelvin Star Trek 4 has been shelved for the moment we continue to see new series added to the streaming and television offerings which can only be good for the future of the franchise

Anything that increases the reach of the franchise and brings our favourite show to more people has to be ranked as better for the Kelvin timeline.