10 ways Kelvin Star Trek is better than Prime, and 5 ways it’s Worse

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Star Trek (2009) Set Photo Enterprise Bridge

04: Better: New Technology

When the Narada travelled backwards in time it brought 24th Century technology into the 23rd and while the ships and tech of the time may have been 150 years older they still had pretty good sensors, and some opportunistic crews.

Starfleet was able to take detailed scans of the Romulan ship and use them to build their own advanced tech, the Klingons were able to not only scan the Narada but also able to briefly capture Captain Nero and torture him for information (deleted scene).

As a result the Klingons had a vastly superior fleet to the one we saw in The Original Series and had become a more dominant power and likely would have been so confident in their superiority that they might have gone back to war with the Federation had it not been for the massive losses they suffered following the premature destruction of Praxis.

On the Starfleet side we see a far different Enterprise, retrofitted much earlier then it was in the Prime Timeline and far enough advanced that it was able to hang in a firefight with the Nadara on its own for much longer then the seven Starfleet ships that had engaged them moments earlier as a group. The ships on the Starfleet side are also considerably larger than their Prime Universe counterparts.

Because of the improved technology as well as bigger and stronger ships we rank New Technology as Better for the Kelvin Timeline.