10 ways Kelvin Star Trek is better than Prime, and 5 ways it’s Worse

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Star Trek (2009) – Spock meets Spock Copyright Paramount

10. Better: A Conclusion for Spock

Over the years since Star Trek The Original Series ended its run of movies we’ve seen updates on many of the characters and discovered their ultimate fates.

Captain Kirk went on to pass the torch to The Next Generation in helping Captain Picard in his battle with Soran after they emerged from the Nexus. Yes, I know, he came back in a book.

Scotty was trapped in a transporter system for decades aboard the USS Jenolan which crashed into a Dyson sphere  en route to his retirement. He went on to get his own shuttle and continues to roam the galaxy in it.

McCoy was last seen aboard the Enterprise D in poor shape due to age, so we know that Bones made it through without ever becoming completely scrambled by a transporter, or any other kind of blasted machine.

The list goes on, but one character who simply disappeared with years to go on his life and never really got a conclusion in the Prime Timeline was Spock, he was last seen in Star Trek The Next Generation working towards unification of the Vulcan’s and Romulan’s (Unification I & II) his absence was actually odd from a story perspective in Star Trek Nemesis as one would assume any mission by the Federation to Romulus would at least make mention of him, and now we know that he would have been alive and continuing his mission at that time.

We know now that he tried desperately to save Romulus from its impending doom, leaving him trapped in the past, in an alternate version of history. It’s a tragic ending for him to go back and watch the loss of his planet, but at the same time he was instrumental in uniting his crew in the alternate timeline, as well as in providing a late warning about the dangers of Khan.

Because it gave us a satisfying conclusion to the character we had feared would never return to the franchise since it was announced that there would be a second movie made we rank a conclusion for Spock as better for the story and characters.