Star Trek Discovery New Eden (Season 2, Episode 2) – Spoiler Free Review


Star Trek Discovery’s new season continues its strong start with another fantastic episode, New Eden, as the crew of Discovery continues to search for answers about the mysterious Red Signals first seen by the USS Enterprise.

The opening scenes are strong, the overarching mystery continues to move forward, we see a deeper relationship between Captain Pike and Michael Burnham growing as they begin to really show trust in each other. But not yet completely.

We’re next presented with a new mystery, one that would, on the surface, seem to be the typical Star Trek mystery of the week to push the narrative forward, but it ties in some way to the overall mystery of the Red Signals.

As the mystery unfolds we see more elements of a classic episode of any of the other Star Trek Series, a massive problem threatens innocent people and only a series of insights and information from the crew can solve it. We see a great challenge solved in an interesting way.

The narrative for the season moves forward, and we get to know a little more about each character as things progress.

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The characters shine…

Anson Mount is making us all wish we could get a Captain Pike series, rather than just an apparent season long guest spot. The way he approaches the Captains chair shows us that he is worthy of the other Captains who have come before him in the franchise.

Sonequa Martin-Green continues to show us why she was the perfect choice for Michael Burnham, the depth she’s put into this characters short but turbulent journey and the way she brings this head strong but loyal character to life is nothing short of fantastic.

Doug Jones continues to make a case for Saru to ultimately end up as Captain of the Discovery, and first non-human Captain of a series in franchise history. He has this way of being angry, supportive and explanatory all at once.

Detmur and Owosekun both get their moments, continuing to build out their characters, to be honest two weeks ago I couldn’t have named either one of them, now I look forward to finding out what they’re going to do next and each was on full display tonight.

Mary Wiseman as Tilly though has to be the surprise of the series, when Star Trek Discovery started she seemed like a one line joke who would have to either be extremely annoying, or killed off fast, but somehow she has managed to build her character into a bright spot of the series, Tilly is the real deal.

A More Classic Star Trek episode

Once again the characters seem at ease, with each other and with their jobs. While we know a part of this is Alex Kurtzman steering the show out of the troubled waters that was Season 1, but the way it’s being done and explained is brilliant. These are people who’ve gone through a war together, a stressful time that had them on edge, with a captain who had some very questionable motives. Now they are at peace, with a trustworthy Captain in the chair and they are finally feeling comfortable.

Another solid episode, perhaps even the most Star Trek episode they’ve done on Star Trek Discovery.

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Star Trek Discovery returns January 31, 2019 with Point of Light, As always we will have full coverage.