Top 15 Actors / Actresses who could appear in Star Trek Picard

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Star Trek Nemesis Behind the Scenes Promo Copyright Paramount

We look at the top 15 actors and actresses who could appear in the upcoming Star Trek Picard series due to start filming this spring for a fall 2019 release on CBS All-Access.

As the old saying goes, you can never go home again, but that isn’t stopping Sir Patrick Stewart and the rest of the team behind Star Trek Picard from trying to take us all back home to a time when Star Trek The Next Generation was on the air by bringing us back our favourite Captain, Jean-Luc Picard nearly twenty years after we last saw him.

Late last year we looked the possibility that Brent Spiner could be replaced by another Actor or Actress in the role of Data during the run of Star Trek Picard following some debate over whether recasting the role was even a good idea.

The jury is out on the recasting of Data, but we can still be fairly certain that some of the characters we’ve come to know during the last half century of Star Trek TV shows and movies will most likely at some point reprise their famous roles on Star Trek Picard.

There is little doubt fans would be thrilled to see some of the people who touched Jean-Luc Picard’s life over the years we watched him command the flagship of the Federation. So today we’re going to look the top 15 most likely actors and actresses to appear on the upcoming series.