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Star Trek Insurrection Picard LaForge Copyright Paramount CBS

LeVar Burton as Lt. Commander Geordi La Forge
Last Appearance Star Trek Nemesis (2002)

Early in his Starfleet career a young Geordi La Forge was assigned to transport Jean-Luc Picard on an inspection tour during which Picard made an off-hand remark about La Forge’s shuttle’s engine efficiency. Picard later learned that La Forge later stayed up all night to correct the deficiency in the shuttle and from that moment Picard knew he wanted Geordi to be a part of his next crew. Granted he ended up as a pilot, but when the opportunity arose he became one of the most respected engineers in Starfleet history.

With the personal history between the two its no surprise that in any alternate future we’ve seen Geordi and Jean-Luc remain friends long after their time in Starfleet came to an end, you can’t buy, rent or sell that kind of loyalty or that kind of friendship so why would this future be any different?

We know La Forge holds designs of a career beyond the engine room, having been seen in an alternate future as Captain of the USS Challenger in a timeline that roughly fits that of Star Trek Picard, so who knows we may once again see La Forge shuttling Picard on another mission but this time as Captain of a Starship rather then pilot of a shuttle, one only wonders if Picard will mention the engine efficiency during the trip.