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Jonathan Frakes as Captain William T. Riker
Last Appearance Star Trek Enterprise (2005)

For a decade and a half the career driven William T. Riker turned down opportunity after opportunity to take the centre chair on his own ship opting instead to stay as first officer to Jean-Luc Picard. Sure he tried to kill him during The Best of Both Worlds, and he was a temporary captain during the Star Trek The Next Generation episode Peak Performance, but ultimately he stayed where he felt it was right, until it was time to move on to the USS Titan.

Though it seems like a no-brainer Jonathan Frakes will be a part of Star Trek Picard in at least a directorial capacity, which is something he’s done for episodes of The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager, Discovery and two Star Trek Movies, but when you look at the last time we saw Captain Riker it seems just as sure that he will be back on screen also.

As we left Will Riker he was headed to the USS Titan to take command as it took up it’s place as the lead ship in a diplomatic task force in the Romulan Neutral Zone, so since we know Picard will be heavily influenced by the collapse of the Romulan Star Empire and Riker’s ship was key in the ongoing diplomatic efforts between the Federation and Romulus it seems almost a sure thing that we will be seeing him again during Star Trek Picard.