Top 15 Actors / Actresses who could appear in Star Trek Picard

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Gates McFadden as Doctor Beverly Crusher
Last Appearance Star Trek Nemesis (2002)

Yes, it’s true, this list has so far contained two love interests for Jean-Luc Picard and it doesn’t really need to have another, but with Beverly Crusher the connection goes a little deeper, as friends, you could even say family, for over thirty years their connection is special. They were even married and divorced in an alternate future in which Captain Beverly Picard helped a deteriorating Jean-Luc go on one last mission to save the galaxy.

Jean-Luc was her and her husband Jack’s captain when they served together aboard the  USS Stargazer, he was present at the birth of her only child, Wesley and would later act as not only somewhat of father figure to him following Jack’s death, but also as his first Captain as he promoted him at a young age to Acting Ensign aboard the flagship. Picard and Crusher shared a deep connection that only seemed to grow as the pair continued to spend time together over the years.

While there are many Starfleet officers who have served with Jean-Luc Picard over his long career, none seem as likely to appear during Star Trek Picard as Beverly Crusher, she could appear as either a support, a spouse, or even ex-wife and fit in to any of those roles without missing a beat.