Top 15 Actors / Actresses who could appear in Star Trek Picard

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Brent Spiner as Lt. Commander Data, Lore or B4.
Last Appearance in Star Trek Nemesis (2002)

Before his death in 2002’s Star Trek Nemesis Data achieved his lifelong goals of gaining emotions to become more human, attempting to create another life in his daughter Lal, and discovering that he wasn’t alone in the universe through his two brothers Lore and B4. His character progression seemed complete and his story was certainly among the most well-rounded in the Star Trek franchise.

However in the separate universe that exists between the various Star Trek books we saw a whole new opportunity for the character to continue to progress, namely as a dominant personality within his unsuspecting and less developed brothers mind, eventually leading to him becoming the Captain of the USS Enterprise in his own right.

Since he became, admittedly in a non-canon format, the successor to Captain Picard as commanding officer of the Flagship of the Federation, and he served as a loyal friend, advisor and student to Picard for decades it would seem highly likely that if he were to still, somehow, be alive twenty years after his death In Star Trek Nemesis he would be in contact with his former Captain.

With a character like Data we know he could conceivably be recast as just about any actor or actress, though we’re still pretty big fans of the possible stars found here, it would mean more to fans to see Brent Spiner once again dawn the pale golden paint of Data.