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Star Trek The Next Generation Encounter at Farpoint Part 1 Copyright Paramount CBS

John De Lancie as Q
Last Appearance in Star Trek Voyager (2001)

As the chosen representative of humanity, a dangerous, savage, child race JeanLuc Picard, and indeed all of us, were put on trial from the moment the Enterprise D left space dock and headed towards Farpoint station. Seven years and hundreds of missions, battles and crisis’ later during their last televised mission to save the galaxy from an anomaly in the Devron system in Star Trek The Next Generation’s series finale All Good Things… we learned that the trial never ended, that there was still the possibility Q would be proven right and humanity would be denied existence.

Q would go on to get punched by Captain Sisko in Star Trek Deep,Space Nine, and to harass Captain Janeway and her crew a couple, of times in Star Trek Voyager, but in the end it would seem highly likely that Q would find the time to pull Jean-Luc back into the court room at least one more time to update him on the status of the trial.

With a huge fan favourite like Q, a trial for our very existence and Picard continuing to demonstrate humanity’s virtues and values, there’s lots of room in the series to bring John De Lancie back in either a recurring or guest starring role at any time during the series run, and I’m sure we’d all like to see him both begin and end our journey with Picard once again.