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Denise Crosby as Sela
Last Appearance in Star Trek The Next Generation (1991)

What better chance to begin building bridges between the Romulan’s and the United Federation of Planets than to have the former adversary to Captain Picard, Commander Sela act as a representative of the fallen Star Empire? It also helps that she is not only half human but also the daughter of one of Jean-Luc Picard’s former bridge crew.

When we last saw Sela she was foiled in her attempt to invade and overthrow the planet Vulcan during the two-part Star Trek The Next Generation episodes Unification (Part I and Part II) when Spock replaced her holographic version of himself telling Starfleet to stand down as the Romulan peace envoy (read: invasion force) approached Vulcan. Jean-Luc Picard had a pivotal role to play as these events unfolded, himself having been altered to appear Romulan and paying a somewhat stealthy visit to Romulus at that time.

Sure they didn’t have a great relationship to build on, but it would be easy to see her having continued to move forward in her career and being one of the strongest voices of the now fallen Romulan people.

Denise Crosby continues to support Star Trek conventions and alike, and while she left the series over her perceived lack of possible character development there’s no doubt she would be swayed into once more dawning the pointy Romulan ears to have another go at her second character in the franchise.