Top 10 Deaths and Resurrections in Star Trek History

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Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan Spock’s funeral

As the old saying goes, nothing in life is certain except death and taxes, but when it comes to the final frontier death is far from final.

With the surprise return of Doctor Hugh Culber, who was brutally murdered in the first season of Star Trek Discovery in a shocking scene we thought it would be fun to take a look back at the top 10 characters to come back to life after their death on their various Star Trek series and movies.

While just about everyone in every Star Trek series has been killed and resurrected in some way, be it through time manipulation, or alternate realities, or mistaken reports there are far fewer examples of characters actually dying only to be resurrected later on.

With that in mind we open this list with the honourable mention:

Honourable Mention: Everyone

We won’t name them all, but here are three times everyone died and was resurrected:

Star Trek The Next Generation Cause and Effect

Star Trek: The Next Generation – Cause and Effect
During this episode the Enterprise D is repeatedly destroyed by a ship emerging from a temporal anomaly, fortunately for the crew the anomaly caused them to relive their deaths over and over resurrecting them every time they died until Data was able to send himself a message through the loop and save the crew.

Star Trek Deep Space Nine Visionary

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine – Visionary
During this episode Chief O’Brien is pulled forward in time and witnesses the station destroyed at the hands of a cloaked Romulan ship, fortunately he is able to change the events leading to the attack and save the crew from being killed.

Star Trek Voyager Timeless

Star Trek Voyager – Timeless
During this episode Voyager is destroyed and all but two hands lost on two separate occasions, both of which oddly happen at the same time. While trying to right a wrong from the past Ensign Kim and Commander Chakotay use temporal communication technology to try to save the crashed Voyager, altering history. While their first attempt kills the crew for the second time their second attempt is successful and the crew is saved from this fate.