Top 10 Deaths and Resurrections in Star Trek History

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Star Trek Voyager Emanations – Harry Kim dead on the sickbay table

#7 – Harry Kim

Harry was always intended to die after the first season of Star Trek Voyager to prove the writers room would be willing to kill off major characters. Ultimately, he did die on several occasions but thanks to some well-timed resurrections Harry Kim still made it home.

It’s a strong statement when a major character is planned to be killed off simply to prove that nobody is safe, not even the bridge crew, only to have him last all the way through the series because they couldn’t bring themselves to kill the character when the time came. It’s just not the statement they wanted to make.

Despite the writers unwillingness to permanently kill Ensign Kim they did manage to have him die on no less than two occasions, both of which would end with a timely resurrection and his return to the bridge.

How it happened the first time:

During the first season episode Emanations While investigating an asteroid with mineral deposits that turns out to be an alien burial ground, Harry is accidentally pulled into a subspace vacuole and ends up on a distant world where the dead are sent to an unknown place so their energy can be released to the next emanation.
The only way Harry can find to escape and return to Voyager is to place himself in one of the alien burial pods and let it kill him to send him to the next emanation, his plan is successful and his dead body is returned to Voyager.

How he returned:

Fortunately for Harry, the Doctor was able to revive him after practicing trying to revive one of the aliens who had traveled to the next emanation earlier in the episode, within minutes Harry was revived and ready to return to action. He wouldn’t be so easily returned the next time.

How it happened the second time:

During the second season episode Deadlock Voyager is crippled when a second parallel version of its self is created and the ship begins to tear its self apart, during the chaos Harry tried to seal a hull breach when it suddenly opens below him and he is blown out into space and killed. Moments later the newborn Naomi Wildman also dies in sick bay.

How he returned:

Kes is accidentally sent to the parallel Voyager and fills them in on what’s happening with the other ship, they come up with a plan to separate themselves but are attacked during the attempt and the more intact version of Voyager is destroyed, but not before the alternate Harry Kim and Naomi Wildman are sent back to the prime Voyager to take their counterparts places.

Technically the entire crew died during Harry’s second death, but his two resurrections in two seasons earn him the 7th spot on this list.