Preview: Star Trek: The Q Conflict No. 2 from IDW


Thanks to IDW Publishing we have a 7-page preview of the second issue of their six-issue miniseries Star Trek: The Q Conflict.

It has long been many a Trek fan’s dream to see the captains of the four main Star Trek series meet and work together. Or even better, have to compete with one another so we can finally see who the best captain is. The few times it has, we get things like Star Trek: Generations and no one whats to have to see that again.

Unfortunately, due to the realities of time and money, a crossover like that is something that could never happen.

Or is it?

Thanks to the one medium where time and budgets have no meaning (much like the Nexus) we many finally get the answer to the eternal question: who was the best captain in Star Trek?

Some clues may start to reveal themselves this Wednesday as the second issue of Star Trek: The Q Conflict from IDW goes on sale. In it we see the casts from The Original Series, The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine and Voyager all compete at the whim of Q and his omnipotent associates. It’s a Star Trek event that could only happen in comics and it should not be missed.

Written by Star Trek comic veterans Scott Tipton & David Tipton with artwork by David Messina, The Q Conflict is an event that has been years in the making.

From the IDW solicitation:

"It’s Captain vs. Captain vs. Captain vs. Captain in the most high-stakes scavenger hunt the galaxy has ever seen as Picard, Kirk, Janeway, Sisko and their teams compete for the amusement of their godlike tormentors. The biggest Star Trek crossover event ever continues here! The crew of The Original Series, The Next Generation, Voyager, and Deep Space Nine meet for the first time! Written by fan-favorite Star Trek scribes Scott & David Tipton! Each issue has two interconnected covers by David Messina in his return to Star Trek!"

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Star Trek: The Q Conflict No. 2 goes on sale Wednesday, February 27 and includes a pair of interlocking covers by Messina as well as a variant cover by George Caltsoudas.