Star Trek needs a Captain Sylvia “Killy” Tilly miniseries


With Star Trek expanding into new and different areas, a miniseries focusing on Captain Sylvia Tilly and the Mirror Universe seems like a no brainer.

While many fans still complain almost daily about the fact Star Trek has moved to CBS All Access and a paid streaming model, there can be no argument about the benefits that have resulted.

Star Trek: Discovery looks as good as any of the feature films, including the J.J. Abrams reboot movies. Instead of the episodic television of The Next Generation, Discovery is giving fans a single story told over several episodes, which is working incredibly well. And of course, there is the fact that Trekkers are going to be inundated with new Star Trek projects over the next few years.

A third season of Discovery. The forthcoming Star Trek: Picard. A series focusing on the mirror Philippa Georgio and Section 31. Two new animated series as well as more Short Treks. And who knows what else might be coming down the road.

The bottom line is that thanks to the streaming model, Alex Kurtzman and his production team can be more daring and more experimental when it comes to creating new Star Trek projects.

And you couldn’t get more daring than a series starring “The Slayer of Sorna Prime” Captain Sylvia Tilly.

The Prime version of Sylvia Tilly has very quickly become a huge hit with fans, second only to Saru in terms of breakout appeal. Tilly has more memes and .GIFs dedicated to her than almost any other Discovery character. Many fans are proud to consider themselves members of #TeamTilly and would love to see more of the ensign.

In addition, Discovery has once again made the Mirror Universe a key component of Star Trek lore. First introduced in the Original Series episode “Mirror, Mirror” the concept has enchanted fans for decades.

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So why not combine the two and give fans the first Star Trek series set entirely in the Mirror Universe?

The series could follow Tilly as she kills her way up through the hierarchy of the I.S.S. Discovery. It could show how she got the nickname “The Witch of Wurna Minor” as well as her dealings with Emperor Georgiou and the “fun” they had wrecking havor throught the galaxy. And let’s not forget. It has never been confirmed that Captain Tilly was killed when the Discovery was destroyed. Let that sink in for a moment.

Sure, a series focused on the Mirror Universe wouldn’t necessarily be the happiest, most uplifting hour of television, but it you can be sure it would be a heck of a lot of fun. Two of the most popular episodes of Star Trek: Enterprise were the two-part “In a Mirror Darkly” which was entirely set in the Mirror Universe. Now think of that over the course of an entire 10 or 12 episode miniseries.

Boggles the mind, huh?

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We’ve talked before about how Kurtzman will have to think outside the box to keep new, compelling Star Trek content flowing. And while a series featuring Captain Pike and the Enterprise could be a blast, an event starring Captain “Killy” Tilly could be in a different box altogether.