5 characters who deserve a Star Trek: Picard style return

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Benjamin Sisko

If ever there was a Star Trek character whose story wasn’t finished being told, it’s Captain Sisko.

When last we saw the good captain of the Defiant, he had decided to leave Deep Space Nine behind and join the Prophets to live with them in the Celestial Temple, aka the wormhole. And that was the last anyone ever saw of him, including his then pregnant wife Kasidy Yates and his son Jake.

So it has now been 20 years since anyone last saw or heard from one of the greatest heroes of the Dominion War. Two decades since anyone has seen the man who fought on the behalf of Bajor stopped the Pah Wraiths.

Don’t you think it’s time for Sisko to come home?

Just imagine how great a series that would make. Sisko arrives back at Deep Space Nine, 20 years after he left, a man out of time and filled with the knowledge of the Prophets. His unborn child would now be an adult, his son might be a father himself to a grandchild Sisko never knew.

The possibilities are pretty endless. Plus, it is the kind of role that could really challenge Avery Brooks and could result is some really incredible acting.

One of the main selling points of Picard is that it looks at the character in a different point in his life, one drastically altered from when we last saw him. Now imagine a series where the main character is the same, but everyone and everything around him has changed and maybe not for the better.

Sounds like television gold to me.