5 characters who deserve a Star Trek: Picard style return

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Ro Laren

A few weeks ago we wrote how adding the character of Ro Laren to Star Trek: Picard would be a great way to add some depth to the series. Much like Picard, Ro would be in a vastly different place in her life, moving from being a member of the Maquis into something different. Plus the two characters always shared a special bond that was unlike the one Picard shared other members of the Enterprise crew.

However, given the character and how complex she is, it isn’t a stretch to think that Ro Laren could support a series all her own.

Imagine being a soldier of some kind your whole life and having to adjust to not having an enemy to fight. Not having to look over your shoulder every five minutes. Ro Laren would be the perfect choice for a series such as that.

One thing Star Trek always prided itself on was reflecting the times and issues of the day. With so many soldiers returning home and dealing with PTSD and a host of other issues, this is series that could speak to them and possibly help them cope.

Is that a bit too deep for a Star Trek series? Maybe. But it would definitely be in keeping with Kurtzman’s desire to move the franchise in new and unexpected directions. A limited series such as this would fit the bill pretty much exactly.

And if maybe Jean-Luc Picard happened to show up for a guest appearance so the two friends could reconnect, all the better.