5 characters who deserve a Star Trek: Picard style return

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William Riker

The last time fans saw William Riker in Star Trek: Nemesis, he was a freshly minted captain, married to his Imzadi Deanna Troi and headed into deep space on the U.S.S. Titan.

Fans have been wondering what happened after that for over 20 years.

A Picard-type series that catches up with Riker after he took command of the Titan seems like a no brainer. Odds are that his mission would have been completed years before and sure, Riker probably isn’t the captain of the same starship by now, but I think it goes without saying we all want to know what happened next.

Are Riker and Troi still together? What happened while they were on the Titan? Has Riker been promoted to admiral? Did they have any children? Hell, by now they could be grandparents.

William Riker was always cut more from the cloth of James Kirk than any of the other captains from this time period. In that regard a series featuring Riker could be like that latter Star Trek films, lots of action mixed with thoughts of what it’s like to get older and have to move aside for the younger generation.

And let’s be honest here. This would be a great excuse to see the latest version of the U.S.S. Enterprise. Maybe not the supercool future version from “All Good Things…” but maybe the Enterprise-F? Enterprise-G?

A series focused on Riker would be a great was to catch up with almost the entire cast from The Next Generation and provide fans with some awesome Easter eggs in the process. Something that might not fit in with the direction Picard is going in.

Bottom line? A Star Trek: Riker series could be a hell of a lot of fun.