5 characters who deserve a Star Trek: Picard style return

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Kathryn Janeway

We might have saved the best for last. Because if a recent Twitter poll we ran is any indication, there are a lot of Janeway fans out there who would love to see the character return in her own series.

Which when you think about it, is kind of surprising.

Most fans have forgotten that with Star Trek: Voyager arrived in 1995, the show and its captain weren’t all that popular. Many felt the show lacked something and that Kate Mulgrew’s performance was wooden at best.

Now? Many fans consider Janeway their favorite captain, beating even Kirk and Picard. Sure, they still think the show itself wasn’t very good but over the years Janeway has become incredibly popular. Her brief appearance in Star Trek: Nemesis is the scene many think remains the best part of that movie.

And they wouldn’t be wrong.

Thanks to that brief scene we know that Janeway became an admiral shortly after returning to Earth. But what happened over the years between that and when Picard is set? Is she still in Starfleet? Is she now running Starfleet? It wouldn’t be outside the realm of possibility to think so.

Of all the captains in Star Trek, Janeway was the one who, similar to Riker, came across the most like the iconic Kirk. A Janeway series could be the Voyager feature film we never got thanks to the failure of the aforementioned Nemesis. It could be wall-to-wall big, widescreen action that turns everything up to 11.

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Whatever Janeway may be doing, you can be sure she is probably still kicking ass and taking names. Not taking crap from anyone and getting the job done. I mean, this is a woman who traveled back in time to get her crew home faster.

Who wouldn’t want to watch a show with a main character like that?