Confirmed: Anson Mount not a part of Discovery Season 3


It has finally been confirmed that Anson Mount and Rebecca Romijn will not be returning for the third season of Star Trek: Discovery.

Before the second season of Star Trek: Discovery even went into production, showrunner Alex Kurtzman said one of the big goals was to tie the show into the larger Star Trek canon. To make sure there was no question that Discovery was a part of the larger Trek universe and not another Kelvin Timeline.

To say Kurtzman succeeded would be a huge understatement. With Season 2 heading towards the finish line, Discovery is now firmly a part of Star Trek canon, and most of the credit can be attributed to the addition of Captain Christopher Pike to the show.

Portrayed by Anson Mount, during Season 2 Pike took command of the U.S.S. Discovery to deal with the impending threat of the Red Angel. By adding Pike to the show, it enabled the writers to weave stories from the Original Series into the framework of Discovery. The best example of this by far is “If Memory Serves” which saw the show return to Talos IV and have Pike once again see Vina, both key parts of the original pilot “The Cage.”

However, as has been rumored for months, it looks like it’s only going to be one tour of duty aboard the Discovery for Mount.

Deadline is reporting that it is finally official that both Mount and Rebecca Romijn, who played Number One, will not be back for Discovery Season 3.

From a narrative standpoint this makes perfect sense. Everyone knows the fate that awaits Pike aboard the Enterprise and it wouldn’t make sense to try to change it. Especially after spending so much of Season 2 tying Discovery into the larger Star Trek Universe.

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The report makes no mention of Ethan Peck however, which is very interesting. At some point Spock will have to return to the Enterprise to serve with Pike, but with so much unknown about that time in Spock life there could be a way to keep the character on Discovery, at least for a little while.

There is also no mention of who the next captain of the Discovery will be. Will the Vulcan who was supposed to take command in the season finale be waiting to jump into the captain’s chair next season? Or will the writers come up with a new angle for Season 3 which is supposed to go into production this summer?

Of course, with both Mount and Romijn out for Discovery Season 3, it leaves the door wide open for an Enterprise spinoff starring the two characters. There is almost a decade worth of stories that could be told and, if social media is any indication, it is a show fans would get behind in a big way.

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Season 2 of Star Trek: Discovery continues every Thursday on CBS All Access. If the hoped for news of an Enterprise spinoff becomes a reality, you can read all about it right here on Redshirts Always Die.