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Star Trek Metamorphosis Zefram Cochrane

Zefram Cochrane

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Originally portrayed by Glenn Corbett, Zefram Cochrane was the inventor of the most used piece of technological advancement in all of Star Trek, Warp Drive. Though he was born in 2030 and would have been nearly two centuries old by the time of his first appearance on Star Trek, he was kept alive by an alien known as the companion.

Cochrane would go on to be played by James Cromwell in the eighth movie First Contact, which told the story of his invention of Warp Drive and how it leads to the first contact with the Vulcans, Cochrane would go from being an alcoholic maniac who had somehow managed the greatest scientific feat in human history to a hero who even had his own statue.

Cromwell would appear in the role again in two episodes of EnterpriseBroken Bow and In a Mirror, Darkly in which we would learn that at the age of 87 Cochrane left Earth in a one-man craft headed for outer space. His disappearance would be the greatest mystery of the generation, but fans of The Original Series knew that he would end up with the Companion.