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Montgomery “Scotty” Scott

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Chief Engineer Montgomery Scott was originally played by the late great James Doohan in The Original Series, The Animated Series and the subsequent six movies, he has been portrayed by two actors during his run.

Following the his first outings Scotty Appeared during the The Next Generation episode Relics, where we discovered that following his retirement, Admiral Scott crash landed while in transit to his final destination and trapped himself in a transporter pattern buffer where he was held until rescued by the crew of the NCC-1701-D and later in the first movie for the Next Generation crew Generations.

James Doohan would also appear as the character through archives in both the Deep Space Nine episode Trails and Tribble-ations and in a picture during Beyond.

The role was recast for the 2009 launch of the Kelvin Timeline, this time with Simon Pegg taking on the role for all three movies.