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Star Trek Uhura

Nyota Uhura

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Uhura was a groundbreaking character in television history, and has been named often as an inspiration to many as she was the first African American woman to appear as an equal to a group of otherwise predominantly caucasian male characters in a television series, and while there has been some criticism, mostly humorously pointed out, that she was still essentially in charge of answering the space phone and was never even given a first name during The Original Series, the fact remains that Nichelle Nichols and her character helped change the face of entertainment and inspire many children to do the same in other industries.

Nichelle Nichols would continue in the role throughout The Original Series and The Animated Series followed by the first six movies that featured the original cast, though she declined to appear in Generations, she would appear through the use of archive footage in the Deep Space Nine episode Trials and Tribble-ations as well as in

When the Kelvin Timeline was launched in 2009 the role was recast with Zoe Saldana taking on the role through the first three movies, in which the writers used the lack of a first name to their advantage, showing Uhura as a strong character, whom Captain Kirk couldn’t hold any sway over when he was trying to discover her first name, it was eventually revealed to be Nyota, a name which had been used in several Star Trek Novels over the years.