Sonequa Martin-Green talks “The Red Angel” on The Ready Room


Sonequa Martin-Green was the guest on The Ready Room and discussed at length the implications of “The Red Angel” on Michael Burnham.

Spoilers for “The Red Angel” follow! If you haven’t seen it, go watch Star Wars and come back later.

So. I’m willing to bet no one saw that coming.

I’m of course talking about the big revelation about what and, more importantly who the Red Angel actually is. The big reveal, which has been at the core of the second season of Star Trek: Discovery has been driving fans crazy since episode one. Fan theories have run the gamut from a future Spock to Michael Burnham herself to even Sybok.

The truth turned out to be way more complicated and the reveal was a plot twist no one saw coming.

So it made perfect sense for Sonequa Martin-Green to be the guest on this week’s edition of The Ready Room. There she talked extensively about the Red Angel, the involvement of Section 31 and where Michael Burnham goes from here.

During the show Martin-Green discusses how the fact that is was actually Section 31 that was responsible for the “death” of her parents has completely turned her entire view of herself upside down.

"I always felt I was responsible for my parent’s death…And I was responsible for those Vulcan kids and teachers being killed when the Vulcan Learning Center was bombed by the Logic Extremists. I was pseudo-responsible for Georgiou. There are so many things I have been responsible for—obviously, the Klingon War. And so, to hear that the thing that started it all—the inciting incident that began my entire journey of guilt—did not happen that way. It wasn’t because of me. It was because of what they were doing under the behest of Leland. It’s basically: the world you know isn’t the world you know…If that had not happened, I would have never been on Vulcan. I would have been able to live a normal life on Earth. I would not have had to assimilate to this other culture, which I appreciate the Vulcan upbringing, but it was very difficult. But the whole trajectory of my life would have been different if they had not been taken from me."

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Martin-Green also talked about Burnham’s relationship with the Mirror Georgiou and how complicated doesn’t even begin to describe it.

"We understand that we are not the other’s counterpart. I am not the daughter you raised in the Mirror Universe. You are not my captain that became my mother in a lot of ways. But we can’t help but love each other…The big problem is there is no trust there. That is what makes our relationship so crackly, so spicy. It is so tentative because we love and respect each other, even though that makes no sense. We don’t actually know each other – Mirror and Prime…So, I love that when we embark on this huge mission that is obviously going to be very sacrificial on my part, because we have to capture this Red Angel. We think it’s me. And she loves me. I love how she responds in that moment when I am suffocating, when I am dying and she thinks I want out and she just can’t take it anymore."

And then of course there is the huge reveal that the Red Angel is Burnham’s thought to be long dead mother. That is, if that actually turns out to be the case. According to Martin-Green, we shouldn’t be too sure at this point.

"We are thinking at this point that the Red Angel is me, so that is a huge reveal. Coming right off the tail that Leland was responsible for it, so I don’t know what reality is. I have also just sort of died for a moment. So, is it fantasy? Is it a vision? Or is it real? We don’t know at this point. When we are at near-death experiences you see things. You see visions of people that have passed. You kind of daydream and leave your body in that way. So, is it one of those out of body visions or is it real? We can’t trust it."

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“The Red Angel” is easily one of those Star Trek episodes that needs to be rewatched about a dozen times. There is just so much going on and so much payoff for where Season 2 has been heading. The wait for this week’s new episode seems to be longer than ever.

The second season of Star Trek: Discovery continues on Thursday on CBS All Access.