New trailer for What We Left Behind documentary arrives


A new trailer for the Deep Space Nine documentary What We Left Behind has arrived and it includes our first look at the series in glorious HD.

As was announced earlier this week, it would appear What We Left Behind is finally ready to be shared with Star Trek: Deep Space Nine fans the world over. It was revealed that the documentary about the beloved Star Trek series would get a one-night theatrical screening on May 13 in conjunction with Fathom Events.

Shortly after that it was announced that backers of the Indiegogo campaign that funded the documentary would actually get the first look at the finished film. The producers revealed via Twitter that What We Left Behind would be available to those who funded the film via digital streaming for exactly 99 hours starting April 25 at 9:09 EST. Backers can watch the documentary as many time as they like for what comes out to about four days.

Now fans get another treat as a brand new trailer for the project has arrived. And while a trailer for a documentary might not seem like that big a deal, when it includes the first high definition footage of Deep Space Nine, you can be sure that it is, in fact, a big deal.

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How good does that footage look, huh?

The trailer includes footage from “Emissary”, “The Wire”, “The Siege of AR-558”, “Change of Heart”, “Wrongs Darker than Death or Night” and more. It also includes a look at the animatics that the producers created to give fans their first look at what would have been Deep Space Nine‘s eighth season.

The fact that the producers were able to raise $647,000 via crowd funding is a testament to the legacy of Deep Space Nine and what it has meant to its many fans. And to think that if the show was produced today, no doubt it would have suffered that same fate on social media as Star Trek: Discovery did during its first season or even worse.

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Information regarding when What We Left Behind will arrive on Blu-ray, DVD and digital for non-backers is promised shortly after the theatrical screening in May. Tickets for the one-night screening go one sale Friday, April 12 on the Fathom Events website.