IDW announces new three-part miniseries Star Trek: Discovery – Aftermath


Following the events of the Season 2 finale, find out how Spock deals with the fallout with IDW’s new miniseries, Star Trek: Discovery – Aftermath.

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Star Trek: Discovery is over and it won’t be for another year or until we find out the fate of Michael Burnham and the rest of the crew.  While the third season of the CBS All Access spin off will answer the question of what happened, it will be IDW Publishing who will show us how Spock deals with the events following Discovery’s 950 year jump to the future.

At the start of Season 2 when the Enterprise and Pike were introduced it was made clear that the fractured relationship between Burnham and Spock would play a major part of the overall narrative. Yes Spock had answers relating to the Red Angel which Discovery needed, but Burnham wanted more than that. She wanted to heal a wound that had been growing since they were both children when she walked out of the Sarek family home.

By the season finale that wound had been healed and it was an emotional moment to see both Spock and Burnham declare their love for each other, just before Spock is beamed aboard the Enterprise, never to see his sister again (maybe?)

Copyright IDW Publishing, Art work by Tony Shasteen

Thanks to IDW Publishing and the writing team of Kirsten Beyer and Mike Johnson, the team behind 2018’s Star Trek – The Light of Kahless, combined with artist Tony Shasteen, we will follow how Spock now handles the loss of his sister.

Writer Mike Johnson says:

"“The new series shows how Pike, Spock, L’Rell, and the rest of the cast deal with the fallout from the mind-blowing events of Season Two…. And we couldn’t be happier that Tony Shasteen is beaming back onboard for this story!”"

Editor Chase Marotz followed up by saying:

"“To be able to follow up on the huge status-quo shift presented in that finale is a dream come true, especially with a team as talented as Kirsten, Mike, and Tony… In terms of fitting into the broader universe presented in Discovery, this new series is perhaps our most essential yet, and I can’t wait for everybody to see what we’ve got in store for them.”"

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Star Trek: Discovery – Aftermath arrives in comic shops and digital devices this August.