Production company fundraising for Nichelle Nichols doc


Production company Atomic Network has started a crowdfunding campaign to raise money for a sizzle reel to help sell a Nichelle Nichols documentary.

There can be no rational argument that actress Nichelle Nichols has left a huge legecy not just in Star Trek but in the world of science-fiction as a whole.

Her role as Uhura in Star Trek: The Original Series was a benchmark moment in the history of television. She was one of the first African American women to be featured on a weekly television series in a prominent role. Nichols, along with Willam Shatner, also took part in the first interracial kiss on television, another groundbreaking moment in television.

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Nichols went on to portray Uhura in all six Star Trek feature films and has also had a notable career in music as well as working with NASA to help get more women and minorities involved in the space program.

Now the independent production company Atomic Network has decided it’s time for the rest of the world to learn more about Nichelle Nichols and her amazing life and career.

They have begun work on a documentary titled Nichelle Nichols: Breaking Barriers which would take a look back at the legendary career of the woman who would be Uhura. In order to get a network to commit to producing the documentary, Atomic Network has turned to the crowd funding platform Indiegogo to raise the money for the creation of a sizzle reel.

Image: Atomic Network

According to the campaign, the money will be used to travel to Georgia to film the sizzle reel on the recreated sets of the original Enterprise.

"We will be pitching to the networks to do a full-length documentary based on Nichelle’s life, struggles, relationship with Gene Roddenberry and subsequent super-stardom. Tools are needed to create this pitch, so we plan on traveling to Neutral Zone Studios in Georgia, where we will shoot a short portion of the larger project. Nichelle will do a retelling of events directly from the bridge set of the Enterprise and several of you will be able to see it first-hand."

Currently the campaign has raised a little more than half of the $25,000 they are asking for with a  week left in the campaign. Backers can get a number of different perks, including autographs, a meet and greet and all kinds of levels in between. More information can be found on the campaign’s Indiegogo page.

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When you think about the career Nichelle Nichols has had, it really is amazing a documentary about her life hasn’t been made before. Nichols is certainly deserving of the honor and it would be nice if it was produced while she is still here to enjoy it.

Let’s help make this happen Trek Nation.