Star Wars Day: Where the hell is Star Trek Day?


The fourth of May has become the unofficially official celebration of all things Star Wars, so where the heck is the Star Trek Day festivities?

What started as an inside joke among Star Wars fans, saying “May the fourth be with you” to each other on May 4, has over the years blossomed into what has become better known as Star Wars Day. Over the course of the day it seems like everyone becomes a Star Wars fan and watches at least one or two entires in the popular story of a galaxy far, far away.

There are movie marathons, book readings, special promotions, and more. Television shows, most notable among them The Big Bang Theory, have done entire episodes that revolved around Star Wars Day and what it means to fans the world over.

Given how popular the event has become, my question to Trek Nation is this: where the @#$% are the Star Trek Day celebrations?

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Are you telling me that Star Trek, which has been around longer than Star Wars, doesn’t deserve a day of its own? Where are the television marathons and the special movie screenings? Where is the Big Bang Theory episode that takes place on Star Trek Day?

Part of the problem may be that fans can’t seem to decide when a day to celebrate all things Star Trek should fall on.

Some fans say that Star Trek Day is September 8, which was the day that Star Trek first premiered on television back in 1966. Others say that it should be April 5, which in the Star Trek universe is First Contact Day as established in the movie Star Trek: First Contact.

So which is it? Star Trek can’t have two days dedicated to it, so Trek Nation collectively needs to pick one or the other. Maybe once we get that out of the way we can go about raising the profile of Star Trek Day so that the Star Wars fans aren’t the only one who get to let their geek flag fly.

People may not speak about it openly, but there has always been a bit of a competition between the fans of Star Wars and Star Trek. While Star Wars regularly rules the box office, Star Trek is a television institution with more episodes than people can count.

And while I would never be one to begrudge Star Wars a chance to celebrate the Saga, as a Trek fan I have to admit every fourth of May it kind of pisses me off.

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I want to be able to sit in front of my television and watch a Star Trek movie marathon. I want everyone on social media to wish me a Happy Star Trek day with some corny slogan and incredibly dumb GIFs. I want Star Trek to have a day all its own.

So let’s get organized and make sure the next Star Trek Day (whenever that may end up being) is a holiday no one will ever forget.