CBS Television Studios to Expand Star Trek Franchise


CBS Television Studios have announced a new Star Trek Global Franchise Group to help expand and build upon Star Trek, taking the brand in new directions.

CBS Television Studios today announced via The Hollywood Reporter that they are going to develop the Star Trek franchise even further by putting in place CBS Studios Executive Veronica Heart to oversee the global franchise. Working in partnership with Alex Kurtzman, who is currently the godfather of the franchise’s return to TV in all its upcoming forms, the plan going forward is to take Star Trek in directions other than TV and streaming.

This new partnership group will look at the branding opportunities that could include revamping, the fan community and additional consumer products. Consumer products could encompass new video games, live events and digital products.

CBS TV Studios President David Stapf had this to say:

"“Veronica and her team are not only gifted brand strategists and veteran consumer products executives, they are also experts on the Star Trek canon, we are excited to launch this new business unit because the brand has an enormously rabid fan base, and we look forward to expanding its reach even further.”"

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Trekverse (as its being dubbed) will be based out of Alex Kurtzman’s Santa Monica HQ for his production company, Secret Hideout, and he had this to say about the new joint venture:

"“As we expand the Trekverse, Veronica’s team and Secret Hideout are dedicated to broadening Star Trek’s brand reach by amplifying its core values globally: empowerment, inclusion, imagination, and above all, the exceptional storytelling that’s inspired generations of fans,”"

After many absent years in any form, it now seems that the franchise has been granted a second life with a raft of new TV shows streaming on CBS All Access. A third season of Star Trek: Discovery has been green lit alongside several new shows including the return of Patrick Stewart as Captain Picard. We can now look forward to an even broader range of Star Trek.

One question I do have though, does this relate to the ongoing discussions between CBS and Viacom regarding a possible merger? Can we expect an update on that as well at some point? I really hope so because if they are looking to create a Global Franchise Group it would have an even stronger position if it could include everything including the movies.

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