Star Trek 2009 – 10 years later, 10 reasons it’s better! (And 5 reasons it’s not)

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13: Worse: Less Adventure

One of the most divisive elements of the new series of Star Trek movies started in 2009 is the shift in story and tone away from adventure and into action or at most Action-Adventure, many fans decry the loss of adventure which was at the very heart of what made Star Trek great, both for the adventure of exploring the galaxy, meeting new lifeforms and new civilizations and for the human adventure of moving forward to better ourselves and those around us.

The Starship Enterprise and her crew have always been known to fans as the great adventurers, as they went out week after week, season after season and movie after movie in search of the next great adventure. Whether it was a trip to a planet influenced by American gangsters (A piece of the Action) or using the Light Speed Breakaway Factor to return to Earth in 1968 (Assignment: Earth) they were always up for it and always looked to be in their element.

This crew was born for adventure and the stories surrounding them always showed it in their original incarnations and fans reacted well to it.

Thanks to the altered timeline however, they didn’t always get the adventure they seek, sure we know that in between the movies the crew is going off on missions, but the format of the franchise it’s self leaves what we see as the more action packed parts when what fans of The Original Series crave is often the adventure.

For this reason we classify any Star Trek made with less adventure elements as worse both for the writers who grew up believing in the adventures of this crew and for the characters since they have been taken out of type of story they were born for, they thrived on and they were great at.