Star Trek 2009 – 10 years later, 10 reasons it’s better! (And 5 reasons it’s not)

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Star Trek Pilot The Cage – Captain Pike and his bridge crew

11: Worse: Lost History

When we first met the Enterprise and it’s crew as we enjoyed the missions of Captain James T. Kirk, Science officer Spock, Doctor Leonard  ‘Bones’ McCoy and company they were building on the success of those who had come before them, sure we didn’t know that Captain Christopher Pike, and Captain Robert April had come before them aboard the Enterprise, but it was all a part of the story that unfolded before us as we watched, learned and enjoyed.

So when the crew of the Kelvin Timeline Enterprise took command in Captain Pike’s place in Star Trek (2009) the universe missed out on a great deal of history.  Spock hadn’t already spent time under Captain Pike, and Number One learning his craft and becoming the man he was when we first caught up to him. None of the first contacts, or missions Captain Pike lead the crew on happened, and of course Vina never met the man she would go on to spend the rest of her life with.

And all that is just the histories of one crew aboard one ship over five years, Captain Kirk never had his father around to shape him into the man we know, Spock lost all the history he had with his home planet and billions of Vulcan’s were never born.

Still not enough lost history? With the Enterprise being destroyed 28 years before she was supposed to be we also lose the entire line after her, the Enterprise A came into service long before it should have been on the drawing board which makes it extremely unlikely that Captain Picard will ever have commander the Enterprise D.

While the brilliant split of the timeline has preserved what fans knew from the prime timeline there certainly was a lot lost for the characters, therefore we rank lost history as worse for the crew in the Kelvin Timeline.