CBS gives first glimpse of Star Trek: Picard at upfronts


During the CBS Upfront presentation to advertisers, the studio gave everyone a brief glimpse of the first footage from Star Trek: Picard.

On Wednesday CBS held their CBS Upfront presentation in New York. For those wondering what exactly an “upfront” is, this is where the various television studios put their wares for the upcoming season on display for advertisers. It is usually the first step for starting to build some buzz for projects that the studios think will break out and become the next Game of Thrones or This is Us.

While CBS showed those in attendance plenty of new series and projects coming to the network, the only one the people reading this article are likely concerned about is the highly anticipated Star Trek: Picard.

And yes, it would appear that Star Trek: Picard is the actual title of the series, as revealed by the new logo that network shared all over social media Wednesday.

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Now it should be noted that some are saying that the title is simply a placeholder and that the real title of the series will be revealed later, likely at San Diego Comic-Con or Star Trek Trek Las Vegas. But the majority of media outlets are reporting this this is indeed the title and honestly, calling it anything else at this point may be redundant.

In addition, those in attendance were treated to the first briefest glimpse of footage from the series. While CBS has not released it, those that were there describe it as Picard being asked by a Starfleet officer who he is and Picard looking rather incredulous that the man doesn’t know who he is.

One of the reporters covering the upfront for BuzzFeed also got an image from the short clip and shared it on their Twitter for all to see.

Since the image hit the web, Trek nation has gone a bit bonkers trying to analyze it and see what they can glean from the details. It Picard at Starfleet Academy? Are those older, Next Generation era uniforms? Also of note is that fact Picard is in civilian clothes and not his uniform, which is keeping with the news that the former captain will no longer be part of Starfleet in the new series.

To all those people I say one thing: relax. Odds are before the end of the summer the first trailer for Star Trek: Picard will arrive and then you can pore over that for hours trying to divulge al its secrets.

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Star Trek: Picard is set to arrive sometime in the latter half of 2019 and will air on CBS All Access in the United States, Space and Crave in Canada, and on Amazon Prime Video everywhere else.