New guests added to lineup of Star Trek Las Vegas 2019


Star Trek Las Vegas has announced a host of new guests for the 2019 edition of the convention, including four from Star: Trek: Discovery.

It sometimes feels like the spring and summer is filled with events that cater to almost every fandom out there. San Diego Comic-Con, Star Wars Celebration, the video game themed E3 and D23 for the Disney fans of the world.

And for the proud members of Star Trek Nation, it doesn’t get much bigger than Star Trek Las Vegas.

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Star Trek conventions used to take place all over the country, and still do to a lesser extent. But if you want one place where all your favorite stars will be appearing under one roof, the yearly Star Trek extravaganza that is held in Nevada simply cannot be beat.

This year’s edition is being held July 31 through August 4 at the Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino and promises another weekend of big announcements, star sightings and fun to be had by all who attend.

Who knows. Could we maybe get out first look at a full trailer for Star Trek: Picard this year? One can hope.

The guest list for Star Trek Las Vegas 2019 has been growing by the day and already includes an impressive array of stars from all the various eras of Star Trek. It includes three captains, (Kirk, Janeway and Pike) stars from every Star Trek television series and more guest stars that you can count.

And the list got got a bit longer.

Star revealed that four members of the cast of Star Trek: Discovery have been added to the guest list as well as a key member of the cast of Deep Space Nine.

Shazad Latif (Ash Tyler), Jayne Brook (Vice Admiral Katrina Cornwell) Mary Chieffo (L’Rell) and Kenneth Mitchell (Kol/Tenavik) will be joining the members of the Discovery cast who are already attending. In addition, Jadzia Dax herself, Terry Farrell will also be there, which should be a real thrill for all the DS9 fans out there.

They have also announced that over two dozen noted proffessors and scientists will be presenting over 20 panels under the titles Science of Trek and Teaching with Trek. They will put Star Trek under the microscope and look at it from angles such as law, science, diversity and storytelling.

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You can go to the Star Trek Las Vegas website for more information, updates and to purchase tickets for what is looking to be an amazing weekend of all things Star Trek in one of the most exciting cities in the world.