Star Trek Picard – The Top 10 Actors who could replace Brent Spiner as Data

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Image: Paramount Pictures

With rumours flying that Data could be a part of the upcoming Star Trek Picard, and the news last winter that Brent Spiner may not be up for reprising the role we thought it would be fun to look at the top actors who could replace Brent Spiner as Data.

None of us want our favourite things to be edited, updated, changed, remade or re-released in ‘Enhanced Special Editions’, but occasionally an actor needs to be replaced due to aging, illness, death, or even regeneration and  now and then these changes turn out to be a great thing.

Could it also be a great thing for Data?

Late last year David Goodman talked about whether it was a good idea to recast Data for the upcoming Picard series, and he made a very compelling case, which got me thinking about who I would like to see cast as Data if this were to happen.

It goes without saying that Brent Spiner has played the character to perfection, but as he pointed out Data is not meant to age, grey streak ‘Skunk’ Data from Star Trek: The Next Generation: All Good Things notwithstanding.

To me it’s never been enough for a recasting article to just pick cast members who kind of look like the younger version of a character, you also need to have someone who can play the part, add their own feel, depth and dimension to the role. Fortunately Data makes this process a little easier in that his innate curiosity and wish to grow in experience and ability means that he might just as soon pick a very different look for himself if his body were to be replaced.

With that in mind we have been able to look at some great choices, presented in no particular order, to further the character, let’s start an easy pick who could continue as another Sooing type body…