Redshirts Roundtable: The Best Goodbye

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Image: Paramount Pictures

Not every television series has been given the opportunity to present its fans with a proper and planned out goodbye.

In the days of non-serialized tv where all the pieces had to be put back in place by the end of the episode this wasn’t an issue in narrative terms, but still there was something to be said about having one last sendoff for the people we’d spent years watching.

With the popularization of highly serialized series, like Star Trek Discovery a series finale can make or break a series just as much as its pilot episode. It’s not always how you start, but how you finish that people remember.

Throughout Star Trek we’ve been fortunate, only The Original Series and Enterprise have been cut short. The Original Series was able to return in both animated and movie form to continue their journey and Enterprise knew early enough to be given a chance to do a proper sendoff, the result notwithstanding.

So now the question I put to the Redshirts Always Die team, which series had the best finale?

You may choose from any of the series finales:

  • Turnabout Intruder – Star Trek
  • The Undiscovered Country – Star Trek TOS Movies
  • The Counter Clock incident – Star Trek The Animated Series
  • All Good Things – Star Trek The Next Generation
  • Nemesis – Star Trek TNG Movies
  • What you Leave Behind – Star Trek Deep Space Nine
  • Endgame – Star Trek Voyager
  • These are the Voyages – Star Trek Enterprise

Or surprise us with another episode you feel would have made a better ending.