Nichelle Nichols, Michael Dorn announced for Keystone Comic Con


It has been announced a pair of Star Trek icons in Nichelle Nichols and Michael Dorn will be appearing at Keystone Comic Con in Philadelphia.

Launched last year by the fine folks who run New York Comic Con, Keystone Comic Con takes place in Philadelphia during the late summer. At this stage the convention is still smaller than its big brother and a bit more intimate, which will surely change as it grows in popularity. But for now, Keystone Comic Con gives fans all the perks of a smaller convention is a big, exciting city like Philadelphia.

Keystone has just begun making guest announcements for this year’s show and thus far it includes a number of top comic, gaming and voice talent. And as of now, a couple of Star Trek legends as well.

It was announced this week that both Nichelle Nichols and Michael Dorn will both be attending Keystone Comic Con this August in downtown Philadelphia.

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Nichelle Nichols of course best known as Uhura, a role she played in both the Original Series and all six Star Trek feature films. The characters has become an icon in science fiction in no small part thanks to Nichols and the depth she brought to the role.

Nichols is making what will be her final public appearances over the course of this year and next as she deals with the effects of Dementia. So this may very well be one of your last chances to get that autograph you’ve been thinking about for decades.

Michael Dorn also needs no introduction to Trek Nation. He played the Klingon warrior Worf in all seven seasons of Star Trek: The Next Generation as well as in the later seasons of Deep Space Nine. He also appeared in all four Next Generation movies and The Undiscovered Country, which makes him one of the busiest Trek actors around.

As someone who has seen Dorn at a convention in the past, I can tell you the experience is not to be missed.

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Keystone Comic Con takes place August 23-25 at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia. Both Nichols and Dorn will be appearing all weekend and tickets for all three days are still available.