Hallmark announces 2019 convention exclusive Star Trek ornament


On Monday Hallmark announced their lineup of 2019 convention exclusive Christmas ornaments, which of course includes Star Trek.

For almost as long as Hallmark has been making their popular line of Keepsake Ornaments, Star Trek has been a part of it. Everything from a Bird of Prey to a Communicator to scenes from every movie have been immortalized in ornament form. And 2019 is no exception.

In April Hallmark revealed what would be getting the ornament treatment in 2019 and it includes the Enterprise as seen in Star Trek: The Motion Picture, a scene from the Star Trek: Discovery episode ‘Choose Your Pain’ and, of course, a Tribble.

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However, while the company did note they would be attending San Diego Comic Con, Star Trek Las Vegas and New York Comic Con in 2019, there was no word as to what the convention exclusive Star Trek ornament would be.

And if you consider yourself a true Keepsake ornament collector, the convention exclusive is a must-have.

On Monday, Hallmark finally took the wraps off the ornament and it is sure to please many Star Trek fans.

For 2019 the convention exclusive ornament is taken from the classic Original Series episode ‘Mirror, Mirror‘ and is of the ISS Enterprise. The ornament is a repaint of an ornament first offered in 2016 and looks awesome.

Image: CBS

The ISS Enterprise will set you back $40, is limited to a run of just 3.475 and will only be available to the three shows listed above.

And although it isn’t mentioned in the announcement, it is anticipated that the ornament will include some kind of sound effects or even audio from ‘Mirror, Mirror.’

If you are a Star trek fan and collector, then you know what it is like to have to deal with crowds and other single-minded fans to get the collectables you want. It can be incredibly fun and unexpectedly dangerous at the same time.

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But unless you have ever been to a Hallmark store when the new line of Christmas ornaments are released to the public, then you don’t know from real fandom.

Those people are a little crazy.