Writer Jody Houser discusses Star Trek: Year Five


Jody Houser, one of the writers behind IDW’s new Star Trek: Year Five series, recently talked about working on the book and all things Trek.

Well, it would appear that IDW Publishing has a hit on their hands with Star Trek: Year Five.

The new series which launched last month, tells the never before revealed final year of the USS Enterprise‘s original five-year mission. It not only deals with all the usual Star Trek tropes fans love, but also with the crew adjusting to coming home, a place they haven’t seen in years.

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For the series, IDW is trying something new. Instead of just one person handling the writing on the entire series, the company brought in a group of talented writers to form a “writers’ room” similar to how many television series are currently made. The group will trade off writing duties as the series progresses with the entire group having a say in how the series goes forth.

One of the writers who is part of the writers’ room is Jody Houser. Houser has worked on more comics than can possibly be listed here, but of note is her work on the Stranger Things comic as well as Faith for Valiant Comics and soon Black Widow for Marvel.

Houser was recently interviewed for a new series of videos IDW is releasing about Star Trek: Year Five and the creative team behind the title. They asked Houser what some of the challenges were and she talked about trying to make sure the series fits into the overall tapestry of the franchise.

"“(The series) fits in in between the TV show and the movies so you sort of have to play with what’s come before and what’s coming after that we already know about and sort of see what fits nicely in there but still find some surprises for fans.”"

Houser’s first issue as writer will be issue No. 5 which arrives on comic book stands and on digital devices this August.

So far the reviews for Star Trek: Year Five have been nothing but exceptional. Readers really seem to be enjoying the untold story of the final year of the Enterprise‘s mission and how seamless it fits into the overall Trek continuity.

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Sounds like this isn’t the type of series you want to wait for the trade paperback for. Star Trek: Year Five No. 1 and 2 are available right now with issue No. 3 going on sale later this month.