Alex Kurtzman says four more live-action Short Treks are on the way


According to Alex Kurtzman, fans will see a total of six new Star Trek: Short Treks, two animated and four more live-action episodes.

One of the biggest and most pleasant surprises of Star Trek on CBS All Access was the addition of Star Trek: Short Treks. These 20 minutes stories served as a great bridge between the first two seasons of Star Trek: Discovery and gave viewers some great character development at the same time.

I mean, who didn’t fall for Ensign Sylvia Tilly even harder after watching “Runaway?” I know I did.

Once the second season of Discovery was in the books, Emperor of the Trekverse Alex Kurtzman announced that at least two more Short Treks would arrive before the premiere of Discovery Season 3 and that they would be animated. One would be directed by Michael Giacchino and the other would be helmed by Olatunde Osunsanmi.

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Now we know that you can add four more live-action Short Treks as well.

On the Deadline Crew Call podcast, Kurtzman confirmed that there will be a total of six new Short Treks. While he was light on details, he did indicate that the experimental nature of the format would continue.

"We’re doing six more of them. Two of them are animated, and the two that we’re doing that are animated are unlike our two animated shows. What I love about the Short Treks is that to me they are an experimental training ground, and a place to experiment with different things. Directors who we’ve never worked with before, tones we’ve never tried before."

Given that the Discovery and her crew are now 900 years in the future, it isn’t really clear if these new live-action Short Treks will focus on the Discovery, characters left behind or something entirely new.

You would have to think that another Short Treks starring Harry Mudd would be in order seeings as “The Escape Artist” was a bit hit with the fans. In addition, a follow up on the planet Kaminar and what has been happening to the Kelpins wouldn’t be out of order.

That is part of the great thing about the Short Treks format. You can literally explore any part of the larger Trekverse you want.

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With Discovery season 3 set to go in front of the cameras later this summer and premiering sometime after the first season of Star Trek: Picard has finished, the new Short Treks episodes should start airing sometime in 2020.

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