LeVar Burton expects to make an appearance on Star Trek: Picard


LeVar Burton seems fairly certain that many of the former cast member of The Next Generation will eventually make appearances on Star Trek: Picard.

Production on the first season of Star Trek: Picard is well under way and, just as fans would expect, getting any information about the show is next to impossible. Other than the new poster and a short teaser, CBS has leaked almost no information about the show, the characters or anything else really.

At this week’s San Diego Comic-Con, many fully expect to see the first full trailer for Picard at the Star Trek Universe panel on Saturday in the world famous confines of Hall H. And then maybe we’ll have some idea of what to expect from the first season.

However, one thing seems certain. It would appear that at least for Season 1, fans shouldn’t expect to see any of Picard’s crew mates from the Enterprise-D.

Other than a sketchy rumor about Brent Spiner doing a guest appearance, which was quickly shot down, you would have to think it would be impossible for any former Next Generation cast member to show up during filming and not have it get out and be made public.

Of course, that doesn’t mean it won’t happen at some point during the run of the series.

In fact, if you ask LeVar Burton, it is all but inevitable.

Burton, who played Chief Engineer Geordi La Forge for seven seasons on The Next Generation in addition to all four feature films, was asked about just that thing by CNN at The Lion King premiere. Burton said that it while it won’t happen overnight, it seems only logical that they would show up eventually.

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"“Each of us, I would say certainly, right? It is unreasonable to assume that he doesn’t know those people anymore, or that he stopped talking to them. And if he did there’s good storytelling in why.”"

As for the entire cast appearing together at the same time? That may be a bit tougher to pull off.

"“Are you gonna see all of us together, again, in a scene or episode? I don’t know. There’s a lot of paper that needs to be papered, before we get there.”"

Ask any fan and they will tell you unequivocally that if at least some Next Generation cast members don’t show up at some point during the run of the show, they will be incredibly disappointed. It would be a missed opportunity of the first order if a reunion of some sort didn’t happen.

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And while it seems a safe bet it won’t happen during the first season, Patrick Stewart has said that Picard will run for at least three years, so there is plenty of time for that Picard/La Forge reunification fans have been dreaming about.

Star Trek: Picard is scheduled to arrive on CBS All Access sometime later this year.